80th Venice Film Festival: What to expect!

Cinephiles and fashion lovers, rejoice! That time of the year is almost here and in a couple days the 80th edition of the Venice Film Festival will officially start. And if you’re feeling a bit confused about all the movies and the celebrities that will be, fear not! This little guide is here to tell […]

Dreams, Horses, Kens: a comment on the real world through a bubble gum pink prism

  (Credit: IMDB) One of the hottest movie releases of this summer is “Barbie,” directed by Greta Gerwig (who is perfect for the project, considering her previous critically acclaimed coming-of-age works, “Lady Bird” and “Little Women”). For people who haven’t seen the trailer, the story follows Barbie (Margot Robbie) as she embarks on a journey […]

A Midsummer Day’s Dream

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. At first I thought it was my imagination, but it was too vivid, too intense. All I know is that I laid my head down in the grass, fresh from the dew of the morning, just observing the clouds pass by me and the sun shining […]

Another Spring Love Story

The story begins like any other, but I would have debated otherwise a month ago. I’d say the story was written itself, by family, faith, love perhaps.Or more like me, and my strong desire for a story which reminded me of unconditional love. This tale begins in Rome, but it started somewhere far away. It’s […]

Royalty Reimagined: Charles III and his Modern Coronation

In a world of ever-evolving dynamics, where scandals and controversies dominate the headlines, one event manages to captivate the collective imagination of the masses: the coronation of Charles III. As the heir to the British throne, Charles has witnessed the tumultuous influence of his family over the years, from the rebellious antics of Harry and […]

I AM LOST: The Struggle of Being in your 20s.

On a hot summer day last year, I turned 20, and I was not happy; I was miserable. I did nothing, and I had nothing. I had dropped out of college and didn’t have a job. It felt as if the moment I turned 20 and started living independently, I should have already achieved something […]

Responsible Fighters: Activists Against Art

Largely debated, in the present times the climate action topic is at the center of the attention of the media. We’re experiencing pretty tough times in terms of effects of climate changes, and we can not really expect this whole situation to improve too quickly. Clearly, we’re not doing enough to fight climate change and, […]

Cook it, Record it, Success: a BTV and BFood Event

The Event  On Thursday 4th of May, “Il Sapore del Successo” (“Success’s taste”) took place in Aula Perego, with the moderation of Professor S. Borghini. The event was dedicated to the discussion of food and cooking related topics and organized thanks to the collaboration between BocconiTv and BFood. The conference has seen the interventions of […]

Film and TV Series Production: Highlights from “Behind the Scenes” Event

It was a chilly evening in April. The large lecture room in “Leoni” was crowded. Suddenly a collective gasp arose from the female population of the audience: he had arrived. Luscious curly hair, warm dark eyes and a single rebellious, silver earring. He is Giacomo Giorgio, the suave Italian actor of the Rai/Netflix hit-series “Mare […]

Bocconi, Design e Croissants: Report sull’Evento Domus BreakFast in SDA

La Settimana del Design a Milano siè da poco conclusa per lasciare spazio al forse più noto Salone del Mobile, e da due settimane a Milano imperversa il brivido artistico di uno dei momenti più emozionanti per gli appassionati del mondo Design. Anche in questa circostanza la nostra amata Università non ha mancato di figurare […]