Bosch: NOT another Renaissance Art Exhibition

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to visit one of the exhibitions proposed by Palazzo Reale “Bosch e un altro Rinascimento” and I have decided to present this cultural event since I found it interesting and, in a sense, unconventional. Indeed, starting from the 9th of November 2022 until the 12nd of March, […]

SANREMO FOR DUMMIES: a Beginner’s Guide to the Sanremo Music Festival

Are you a foreigner who knows nothing about the most important event in Italian history since the fall of the Roman Empire? Are you an Italian who never watched Sanremo and is now willing to repent? Or are you a Sanremo stan who just needs a refresher on the most culturally significant events of the […]

An Ode to a Christmas Gothic

Today nothing is certain except two things. No, not death and taxes. It is Mariah Carey’s Christmas Hit (you know which one) and Wednesday Addams’ dancing routine. Whilst the ‘Mariah’ phenomenon is reasonable and expected, the viral dance moves of a lugubrious adolescent may seem inexplicable and out of place during this jolly season. In […]

Gli “Oh bej! Oh bej!”: gli autentici mercatini milanesi di Natale

Come di tradizione torna anche quest’anno la fiera che celebra il patrono di Milano, Sant’Ambrogio, dal 7 al 10 dicembre. Presso il Castello Sforzesco e Parco Sempione dalle 9 alle 21, in cui si possono trovare quasi 300 bancherelle di ogni tipo, in cui è possibile acquistare libri, giocattoli, addobbi natalizi, gadget e prodotti vari, […]

Two Months of Truss and Sunak. UK are you OK?

The United Kingdom has been through quite the tumultuous time over the last 6 months. There have been through 3 prime ministers, 4 Chancellors of the Exchequer, and 2 Monarchs. This lack of continuity has left the UK not only culturally uneasy but also politically and economically. It would be incorrect to lay the culpability […]

How language defined my first week in Bocconi

The day I arrived in Milan, on the 27th of August, it hit me: in Italy they speak Italian. It’s information I knew, but at the same time didn’t; for some reason, it wasn’t as present as it should have been when you are currently moving to Italy. After having seen so many movies about […]

How is Halloween celebrated around the world? An answer from Bocconi students

“Trick or treat?” These are probably the most popular words said by every child in countries like the US and the UK from the very beginning of October to its very end. Halloween in some parts of the world means skeletons, pumpkins, candies and spiderwebs which are used to decorate shopping windows, houses and backyards. […]

FRAMERATE: Scanning the Future of our Planet

There is a little island off the coast of the Lido of Venice: the Lazzaretto Vecchio. It is a short and sturdy structure made up of 16th century bricks, vines and solitary trees. An abandoned pirate cove stuck in the placid waters of the lagoon. However, the Lazzaretto Vecchio is not abandoned. Once boarded this […]

A Day at the Venice Film Festival – A Netflix Production

Starring: you, sunglasses, phone, phone charger (if lucky) Premise In a galaxy far far away there was summer. As that summer drifts into the past and professors take the place of gelato sellers handing out not ice cones but case studies, let’s relive a sunny day at the Lido, Venice. A gelato in your hands […]

7 Curiosità sulla Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia

Anche quest’anno un team agguerrito di cinefili si arma di telecamera, microfoni e carta oro del papi per vivere l’esperienza della Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia. Il bocconiano dedica in media 10 giorni a parlare di qualcosa che non siano crypto valute, rischio d’investimento o lo stage a LVMH (CLEACC dixit) e… BocconiTV quei […]